Hemingways Hotel Nairobi is named after Ernest Hemingway, American adventurer and author, who won the coveted Nobel Prize for literature in 1954, who is also credited to have introduced the word ‘safari’ to the English language. Hemingways Nairobi is modeled along the palatial plantation homes like the one in the classic blockbuster ‘Gone with the Wind’, the boutique style hotel in Nairobi’s up market Karen.The hotel is a novelty in design for there aren’t many of its kind in Kenyan contemporary architecture.

Hemingways Nairobi is a new luxury boutique hotel situated in the peaceful suburb of Karen. Hemingways Nairobi is a graceful plantation-style building with 45 enchanting suites, with the hotel overlooking the Ngong Hills. The elegant architecture of the property fits discreetly into the rolling landscape and blends into the traditional Karen architecture. The planning and orientation respond to the unique features of the site with the aim of optimizing the views over the forested valley and most importantly the famous Ngong Hills.


Hemingways Nairobi, located at Mbagathi Ridge (off Marula) in a quiet nook in Karen, and it’s a peaceful, comfortable place that makes you feel as if you have travelled outside the hectic city. This boutique hotel has ample parking. When you enter, you are welcomed by two arms of a large double staircase that leads to the conference rooms and the cocktail bar, among other delights. The cocktail bar looks lively, done up in traditional British club fashion, with leather seats and fireplace. Quite charming. The Brasserie is decorated with posters of old movies set in Africa – The Lion King and I Dreamed of Africa – on its walls. The staircase walls are adorned with quotes from people who lived in Africa, along with a famous interesting quote from Jomo Kenyatta about mistresses. The décor is made to be homely, with a magnificent view of the Ngong Hills.

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