Moriah African Tours is an African safari company owned and managed by a team of professionals and is one of the most comprehensive safari operators in East Africa, based in Nairobi. Kenya is the land of our birth and a very special corner of the world where safari was born. Our product managers have wealth of experience and obsession for quality and details, as well as customer service, ensures that our guests enjoy their African experience. Our safari team only features tours and accommodations we can truthfully recommend, and we only enter into partnerships with suppliers we believe in.

Charity Mbiyu

She was born, bred and trained in African jungle. This is her home. She has been in tourism since 1989, having graduated from the only tour guide training institution, The Kenya Utalii College. She served as operations manager for a renowned Dutch market handling groups, incentives and conferences, for two years. She then moved on to a travel and hospitality institution as a tutor for the next eight years.

As a trainer she greatly improved her skills and attitudes, enabling her to becoming a leader in organizing personalized tours within East Africa. She has traveled extensively within Kenya as well as Tanzania and Uganda, meeting the local people and closely interacting with them, thus getting to know what makes each ethnic group unique and also having firsthand knowledge of the tourism product and how best to put it together to give you a worthwhile safari experience that you will live to remember. Should you require a lady tour guide, she is ready to give you a different approach to a Kenyan safari experience.

A result of this understanding, she got the idea start a tour company. After a time of incubation and research Moriah African Tours was born. I look forward to sharing this pleasure with you, the wealth of my findings, experiences and the knowledge gained over time spiced up the African hospitality and galore. Her goal is to ensure that Moriah African Tours stands out as a show-case in doing what we know best, tailor-making the tourism product sustainably to come up with programs that meet your desired expectations. This is with utmost pleasure and enjoyment making the most of every opportunity in your programs of choice.

Anthony Wachira

Anthony Wachira is a graduate of Kenya’s Utalii Tourism College a college that is prototype for wildlife training institutes around the world. He has traveled extensively throughout the African Continent to meet and establish a personal relationship with lodges and hotels. His passion for travel, exploration, Big Game-Viewing, and people has given him the opportunity to meet the local people, village elders, traditional healers, and the Chiefs. He will take you to some of the most unique, exclusive sites in Africa and let you witness first-hand the best Game in Africa. Anthony who is professionally trained will spend many enjoyable hours with you revealing the wonders of each game park’s wildlife, geography and history.

He will be there to interpret the natural world in which he grew up, to spot the game and name the birds and to be an inspirational source of knowledge on everything from elephant behavior to the secret life of a termite mound. Added to which, he will be the perfect host, a born raconteur with an inexhaustible fund of stories to keep you entertained throughout your safari. He is known as one of the most affable and experienced in the industry. A talented individual, Anthony will start out as your guide but will end the trip as a friend, having shared the treasures of their homeland with you. He is well travelled and a great organizer, so appreciates how valuable a visitors time is and what makes a tour memorable.

His sense of fun and his eagerness to share his knowledge makes a guided tour with Anthony an enjoyable experience. He specializes in researching tours for clients with very special interests. Unusual subjects, strange and unique can be researched and carried out.

Anthony has a great knowledge of our fauna and flora, and loves to share its hidden secrets and exciting stories with our guests. A tour with Anthony is guaranteed to be informative, interesting and most of all fun.